ElFaro LAB

What we do at ElFaro LAB:

ElFaro LAB is a R&D Italian company based in Spain and we offer the finest electronic engineering, brilliant ideas and elegant solutions.

ElFaro LAB core services:

  • Inventing, design and prototyping
  • Multi-language code developing
  • Hardware design
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Complex electronic circuits design
  • Senior Linux/BSD IT servers and network admin

We design:

  • IoT sensors
  • autonomus robotics and drones
  • custom circuit designs for consummer, automotive and aerospace applications
  • AI and embedded machine learning
  • WEB APIs for data gathering, analysis and visualization

With over 20 years of experience, best quality designs is our mission.

Our work ranges from the development of electronic prototypes to the deployment and management of large-scale IoT sensors and data networks. At ElFaro LAB, we love to get involved in projects with different technologies. We are constantly updated on new technologies and electronic trends. We offer good advisory on the best technologies you should integrate into your next project. During the development of the last space project, we were able to integrate the top-quality components and to adopt the most refined engineering methodologies. We offer outstanding project management with excellent orders logistic, time scheduling, and employee management.

Our experience includes:

  • IoT with sensors of any type
  • IMUs and motion sensors
  • Beaglebone Black, Raspberry PI, ODROID
  • Arduino/Teensy3.2+3.6+4.x/Spresense
  • ARM Cortex MCUs: NXP and STM32
  • Multilayer PCB layout designs
  • XBEE, Bluetooth BLE, WIFI, LTE
  • Iridium sat communication
  • Autonomous robots, ocean and ground
  • Wearable devices
  • Low power circuits design
  • Solar panels design
  • Lithium battery rechargers with safety
  • Industrial heavy duty protocols
  • Encoders and motor drivers
  • Automotive electronics design
  • Aerospace electronics and avionics design
  • Machine learning on microcontrollers
  • CAN bus, RS485, 5-20mA protocols
  • Audio MIDI instruments design
  • DSP algorithms in firmware
  • Heterogeneous multicore processors
  • JTAG, GDB, openocd, Segger J-Link

Software and firmware programming:

  • RTOS for custom embedded devices.
  • Linux OS (Raspberry PI, ODROID, ARM based) and servers Ubuntu, Debian and ArchLinux
  • BSD OS on embedded boards (ALIX, SOEKRIS, NVIDIA) and servers FreeBSD and NetBSD
  • AI, machine learning, and computer vision on NVIDIA Jetson boards
  • ROS and GAZEBO simulator
  • Python, C, C++, LUA, Perl languages.
  • REST API with HTTPS and authentication


We do microelectronics soldering and prototyping in our lab. We use microscope-aided components placing with dimensions down to 0402. ElFaro LAB offers a network of good contacts in the industry for PCBs fabrication in different parts of the world.


Fabio Balzano is honored to be a returning, invited speaker for the BSD foundation, where I discuss BSD operative systems worldwide at annual conventions in Europe and North America.