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With 20 years of experience, we design technological products taking care of requirements and desired features, prototyping and manufacturing.

Our daily job is investigation, discover, research and development of new technologies. You can benefit from our expertise if you are in need of innovation, if you need original ideas. We are skilled electronic engineers, multi-language developers, inventors, circuit designers.

Our work ranges from designing space-grade electronics, deploying and managing large-scale data networks of custom IoT sensors to autonomous robotics with AI.

We love to get involved in projects with different technologies. We can provide good advisory on the best trending technologies you should integrate into your next product.

We can provide project management with excellent orders logistic, time scheduling, and employee management.

Our git server provides the management of projects files, our customers can access from remote to track the status of the project in real time.

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Our Expertise

What We Do

Electronic Engineering

-nRF52 and nRF53 bluetooth RF chips
-nRF9160 LTE SoC with CAT-M1 and NB-IoT
-ARM Cortex-M33 specialist
-ultra low power IoT designs
-IoT designs with sensors of any type
-MEMS sensors
-Multilayer PCB layout designs
-High speed signals circuits
-Digital and Analog circuits
-Signal aquisitions frontends
-Design of battery powered devices


-NXP, STM32, Nordic, TI, Silabs
-ARM Cortex-M MCUs
-Low power features
-DSP algorithms
-JTAG, SWD, GDB, openocd, Segger J-Link
-Zephyr RTOS
-Nordic Connect SDK
-Nuttx RTOS


-XBEE modules
-Bluetooth BLE, WIFI, LTE, CAT-M1, NB-IoT
-LoRa and LoRaWAN
-Custom Antenna circuits
-Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) tests

Embedded Systems

-Beaglebone Black, Raspberry PI, ODROID
-Custom Linux with Yocto
-i.MX 8M Mini & Plus
-Heterogeneous multicore architectures


-3D printed enclosures for electronics
-SMT down to 0402
-BGA chips assembly
-Microscpe aided component placing
-Special PCB materials
-Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Products design

-Wearable devices
-Audio MIDI instruments design
-CE, FCC, UL regulations compliant designs
-CAD designs for 3D printing
-CAD simulation for FEM analysis
-PCBA optimization


-Aerospace electronics
-RF systems
-custom avionics design
-GPS/GNSS tracking devices


-Design of automotive electronics
-CAN bus
-Fleet tracking devices
-Remote telemetry devices


-Industrial RS485, 5-20mA protocols
-Rugged devices for harsh environments
-Environment sensors
-Predictive maintenance with AI


-Custom solar panels design for aerospace or robotics
-Lithium battery rechargers with safety
-Power electronics


-Machine learning on tiny MCUs
-MEMS sensors with integrated machine learning
-Jetson platforms from NVIDIA
-Allied Vision cameras
-OpenAI GPT custom bots


-Autonomous robots, ocean and ground
-Custom autopilots design
-Encoders and motor drivers
-GAZEBO simulator
-Redundant power managers
-Telemetry transmitters

Rapid kits

-Arduino, Teensy: 3.2 3.6 4.x, Sony Spresense
-Art installations
-Community projects

Code developing

-Python, C, C++, LUA, Perl, Rust
-MATLAB, Octave, NumPy


-Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD
-REST API via HTTPS and authentication
-Postgresql DB
-Frontend APIs

Logistic & supply chain

-Personal contacts in Asia for manufacturing
-BOM optimization
-Components tracking

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Main Vision And Mission Of Our Company

We are here to provide the best ideas, knowledge and skills to solve the engineering challenges to make your product finally real.

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